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Booking Information

Fly My Group has three ways to process group air price quotes:


In order to qualify for a group contract from Fly My Group the minimum is 10 travelers departing and returning on the same flights from a single airport traveling to the same destination. Fly My Group also handles individual airfare bookings. Contact us for a quote.


To reserve a group block, a deposit is usually due within two weeks from receiving a confirmed quote. Each group contract will provide specific details for required deposits, if any.


Contact your Fly My Group air specialist to find out if deviations are allowed on your group block.


A utilization time table will be provided after confirming a group quote. The utilization time table will outline the specific dates when a deposit loss may occur if seats are reduced. Most of the major airlines require groups to use between 80% to 90% of the seats confirmed approximately 90 days prior to departure.


Names are usually due 45 to 90 days prior to the departure date. Some airlines charge additional fees for name changes after the final names have been submitted or tickets are issued. Each group contract will detail the specifics for name deadlines and utilization time tables.


Each group contract will detail the specifics for cancellation policies.

Final Payment

Final payment is usually due approximately 35 days prior to the scheduled departure date. Each group contract will have specifics for payment deadlines.

Frequent Flyer Mileage

Travelers are able to accrue Frequent flyer mileage on most Fly My Group contracts.

*Fly My Group provides these common rules to assist you with the overall group booking process. Every group contract is unique. Always refer to your specific group contract for details or contact one of our group air specialist with questions.

Prepare to Travel

Know before you go

Whether you're on your first trip or you are a seasoned travel veteran, "know before you go". Check on your destination for travel alerts. Verify your flight information on the airlines website. Stay in contact with your group before you head out the door. Know your meet up location and make sure your group has up to date trip information.

Early is better than late

For all travelers flying in a group Fly My Group recommends arriving to your departing airport at least 2 hours before scheduled departure. Depending on time of year, local holidays, and other events, groups may want to arrive more than 2 hours prior to departure.

Luggage information

Each carrier has their own set of baggage requirements for domestic and international travel. Click here for the links to each carriers baggage policies.

Plan ahead

Sticking to the plan of arriving early to the airport means planning ahead. Think about traffic on your way to the airport. Is it rush hour? Are you traveling on a weekend? Does your trip land on a holiday? Or is it a popular spring break time for many schools and universities? Going through these questions is the best solution to avoid travel problems.


Make sure you check the weather of your destination in advance so you know what to pack. Keep in mind, weather can be unpredictable!

Stay in contact

When traveling domestically or overseas, it is essential that you stay connected with your friends and family back home.

Do your homework

When traveling internationally do your homework on the culture that you will be in. Respecting and understanding other cultures will help ensure a safe and memorable trip.

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  • US Embassy and Consulates Worldwide

     US Embassy - US Department of State Embassy Information

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

     CDC - Department of Health and Human Services

  • World Health Organization

     WHO - World Health Organization

  • National Weather Service

     NWS - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • Google Maps

     MAPS - Provides directions, interactive maps, and satellite/aerial imagery of many countries

  • Currency Converter

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  • Language Translation

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  • Country Calling Codes

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