We book and manage domestic and international
group airfare with access to private fare contracts:

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  • Tour Fares


  • Cruise Fares


  • Humanitarian Fares


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Why Partner with Fly My Group?

Are you tired of missing out on insider deals and spending countless hours working with the airline’s general group desks? Fly My Group is the solution!
Partner with us and experience the difference today.

Lowest prices for group flights

Not only does Fly My Group search multiple airline carriers for the best itinerary for your group our team seeks out the lowest possible price. Fly My Group search process uses team member expertise along with negotiated private fare contracts and in-house software tools to search the market for the lowest group fare with the right group itinerary.

Never miss out on the deal

With access to all the products on the market when you book your group air contracts with Fly My Group you will never miss out on the best option for your group. Fly My Group has over 40 carriers around the world under contract. This gives our clients access to the lowest prices globally. Do you have a group on a cruise? We can check our Cruise Fares. Do you have an international group traveling to Europe or South Africa? Let us check private contracted fares to get your group the best rate and right itinerary. No more missing out.

Buying power and top account status

Every day Fly My Group is buying airline seats for groups to destinations around the globe. Flying groups is our business and we do a lot of it; therefore we have buying power when searching fares and itineraries for your group. When we talk to the major airlines group departments, we speak with the Platinum Desks (top account status), giving us the ability to get what you need fast.

More options

More options means more options. Fly My Group has access to all the best airline products on the market today. Some of these products include; Consolidator Fares, Private Fares, Student Fares, Cruise Fares, Humanitarian & Missionary Fares.

Best group specialists

Fly My Group teams with the best Airline Group Agents in the world. Agents at Fly My Group partner with each client they serve and many of them have over 25 years experience booking airline seats for groups and individuals.

Save time

Whether you are a tour operator or an individual planning a group trip Fly My Group will save you time. When you call Fly My Group you get access to all the major airline carriers and all the products on the market, with one call.


Simple is good, right? Fly My Group is built on this motto. 1 phone call or 1 email is all that's needed.

Experience the Fly My Group difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Thanks for asking. Fly My Group specializes in group travel, but we also help individuals with all their airfare and travel needs. Flight Sugar is the best individual booking engine for travel professionals on the market.
Fly My Group has 3 ways to process group air price quotes. ​For registered travel professionals login to your My Fly My Group Account to submit new group air requests and manage existing bookings.
Yes! Fly My Group has access to over 40 carriers around the world under contract. This gives our clients access to the best prices globally.
Yes! Fly My Group will continue to search all available products and options to find better fares and better itineraries for group contracts booked. That's what we do!
Private contracted fares offer discounts for international travel.
Student fares are created to offer discounted airfare for students traveling for education. Valid student status is required for these tickets.
Air / Sea (Cruise) fares are specially created airfares for cruise passengers flying to or from cruise ports globally. These fares offer competitive pricing months prior to the travel dates. The fares often have favorable change rules and often offer protection into the next port when travel delays are encountered. Proof of cruise purchase is required for Air / Sea fares.
Humanitarian/Missionary fares are created to offer special discounts for passengers traveling for humanitarian or missionary aid. Humanitarian fares often offer additional free bags and have flexible length of stays. Travelers must be working with a qualifying non-profit to travel on these fares.
Return deviations are allowed (both date and departure city may be changed). An airline may charge additional for deviations.
Each traveler flying may have the option to accrue flyer miles in the applicable carrier program. Each air carrier has specific information on frequent flyer miles.
In most cases Fly My Group does not charge ticketing fees. Most major carriers charge between $25-$50 per ticket issued.